Greetings, thank you for visiting us. We are a group of ex-expats from all walks of life and countries. Some of us are Latinos and immigrated to Costa Rica from another Latin American country; others are from Germany or North America. Immigration and relocation can become overwhelming tasks if you know little about the culture and without knowing the language. You have the feeling of stepping from one foot in the mouth to the next. You feel insecure. You are even annoyed because you think you are making mistakes, but you cant figure out how to do better. People are getting offended around you for no reason. You are getting ripped off and lied to by so-called immigration lawyers and other “friendly helpers.” You usually rely on breadcrumbs of information gathered from books or comments on the questions you have published in expatriate groups on social media.

Sounds familiar to you? We bet that yes!

And that is precisely the reason why we teamed up. We know the country and the culture because we are a part of it. And we know how difficult the first steps in a new environment can be. We want to help you integrate and be there for you.

Been There. Done that!

Two decades ago, we were in the same shoes as you, confused, insecure, yet the goal in mind but not really an idea how to achieve it. It took us many years of trial and error to learn how everything works in Costa Rica. We want to share our experience with you!

Relocation Planning

Relocation starts at home in your country of origin! Do you have all documents at hand? How will you ship your household to Costa Rica?

Plan ahead with us!

We can help you gather all documents you need for your residency application process. We have a logistic expert in our ranks and can assist you with moving to Costa Rica.

Residency Application

Don't pay thousands of dollars to so-called "Immigration Lawyers"! You don't need them!

Residency Application Made Easy

We are walking you through the entire process, finding the best category for you, writing your application letter, and reviewing your documents; we are even going with you to the immigration office.

We Make Things Work

Unsure where to start buying or renting a home? No idea how to hire staff. Want to buy something, but you can't find it?

Make Things Work

Do you feel overwhelemed by the new impressions? Nothing is like your are used to. Need a home, to hire a maid, a worker, buying a car, contract services, buying stuff? We help you to get not ripped off.

We’re Here To Help You To Have a Good Start!

We are passionate about what we do and can’t wait to share our knowledge with you.